Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"This ain't about ya money, bruh." (Season 3)

In the end, Stringer Bell was a little too smart and cunning for his own good. He played Omar (legendary stick-up artist, the one with the trench coat and shot gun) and Brother Mouzone (Avon's Muslim muscle from New York) against each other in an attempt to eliminate Mouzone, who was protecting Barksdale territory by interfering with the work of Prop Joe's (Joe and Stringer were co-founders of the New Day Co-Op, a partnership between Baltimore's most powerful drug dealers) dealers, terrified by the mere presence of the peaceful-looking assasin. Joe threatened to boot String from the Co-Op if the Mouzone problem was not handled. Naturally, String turns to the art of deception, and tricks Omar into believing that Mouzone was responsible for his lover and partner-in-crime Brandon's (yes, Brandon; no, not a female named Brandon) death (in reality, he was murdered by Barksdale hitmen in retaliation for the robbery of one of the organization's stash houses in season 1). With this misinformation, Omar tracks down Mouzone in his motel room and hits him with a gunshot to the stomach, then aims for the fatal head shot; but before he fires, he realizes through the words of Bow-Tie that he has been duped. Later, he and Mouzone team up and go after Stringer. With a tip from Avon (who has no choice but to cooperate in order to quench the Brother's thirst for revenge and, thus, maintain his standing with his Big Apple suppliers), Omar and Mouzone ambush String at his development site and kill him, as you see above. Notable because Stringer was one of The Wire's major characters, very popular, his death the show's equivalent of Christopher Moltisanti getting whacked on The Sopranos. The most memorable and important scene in the show's history.

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