Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"There go a life that had to be snatched, Avon." (Season 3)

Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell were like brothers. They grew up together, took over West Baltimore together, ran their criminal empire together. Blood couldn't make them any closer. But you see, Avon's beloved nephew, D'Angelo, was also family, his sister's child, and Avon cared for him like a son. Problem is, D was looking at twenty years after being caught by the police while attempting to haul in drugs from New York. And with that prospect (along with his stated desire to leave the game for good and start his life anew) clogging his thoughts, he nearly flipped once and behaved coldly towards Avon in prison, attempting to seperate himself from his uncle, his family, and his past. Afraid that D would turn snitch and bring down the entire organization, Stringer was forced into action. Going behind Avon's back, he arranged for D'Angelo to be murdered and for his death to be made to look like a suicide. Stringer's manipulation goes unbeknownst to Avon until this scene, when he finally confesses to his friend the hard, hurtful truth. A life had to snatched, and String snatched it.

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