Sunday, July 11, 2010


She reminded me of a cat. She was like Catwoman.

She stood about 5'7", with long legs and she often wore black leggings. It gave her a certain sleekness, and she seemed to even walk like a cat, especially when she had on those magical black leggings.

She was light-skinned, and cute as a rabbit's ear. In particular she had the type of nose that makes you want to poke it with your index finger. She also had nice lips.

She had jet black hair, which she would wear in either a pony-tail or at full-length; more effectively at full length, of course, as all women look better with their hair down, but it didn't matter. She looked wonderful from the neck up, no matter how she wore her locks.

She also had very nice hands and feet.

And now for the best part:

This girl had a Grade A+ ass on her.

She didn't have much in the chest area, but she more than made up for it in her hind parts. To my liking she had a perfect ass; though it was big, it fit her overall body type - tall and thin - and just in general had a perfect weight to it.

It was sort of, dare I say it and risk blasphemy, like a J-Lo ass. Maybe not as big, but like that, ya know? You get the point. It was perfect.

She was perfect.

Friday, July 2, 2010

This One Broad

She was light-skinned with dimples, a certified cutie pie with a tremendous smile.

She had curly hair and she always smelled good; I think it may have been the hair product she used, though I'm not sure.

It's hot out here, and she often wore shorts with sandals.

She had nice thighs and legs and nice feet.

Naturally, I suppose, she also had nice hands.

She stood about 5'1", it looked to me, and was thick but not too thick, if you know what I mean; she was just right, like a delicious stack of pancakes that would leave you full but not stuffed.

We shared a class together last semester.

I'm not going to beat around the bush or try to disguise the feeling she gave me, instead I'll be perfectly frank:

I wanted to bang her.