Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cut it Short

The 2007 Home Run Derby was a waste of time for me to watch. I mean, no Barry Bonds, no A-Rod, no Miguel Cabrera, no anybody.
The most anti-climactic moment of the derby was when Big Papi, David Ortiz, gave Vladimir Guerrero a bat made out of some kind of "special wood" out of a "special box" and the next few attempts by Vlad ended up in outs. WOOT. What a great bat switch.
The derby wasn't anything like last year. For one, score for the final round was Vlad, 3 Alex Rios, 2. Was that great or what? The first round is the most exciting round because all the players have some sort of stamina.
The MLB needs to cut it short. It is too long. The players work so hard to get out of the first round, then they have nothing to give later. And the whole Kenny Mayne in the bay thing was hilarious because nothing came there. In the whole derby, no balls hit the water. Good thought, but nice try.
I think if you did it like the NBA Dunk Contest, have four really great power hitters. Have A-Rod, Pujols, Howard, and maybe Bonds. Two rounds, more home runs. BINGO! We have have excitement.
Think about it Selig.
Also, can anyone believe Dan Patrick is leaving? WOW.
To be continued...

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