Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ookie is in trouble

Well here we go. Michael Vick was just indicted for his alleged participation in dogfighting. If proven guilty with three other men, Vick faces six years in prison and over $350,000 in fines.
Oh boy.
This is now serious then it has ever become for Vick. This just ruins the Falcons season. Although he has not been found guilty, the accusations alone will hurt his image for a very long time.
This will be for Vick what Colorado did to Kobe, or what Auburn Hills did to Ron Artest. It labels you as a bad guy. When you get that label, it is very hard to take it off.
The dogfighting operation was said to have began in 2001 as Vick was drafted #1 in the NFL Draft. It was centered on a property owned by Vick which was well protected for outside eyes. Over the years, pit bulls were trained and often starved in order to "make them more hungry for the other dog". 66 dogs were originally seized by authorities, 55 of them being pit bulls. The Bad Newz Kennels purchased pit bulls to be trained as fighters, and in April 2007, 8 were killed because they were not ready to fight. One was reported to have been slammed into the ground.
, as Vick was referred to in the dogfighting world, was allegedly consulted before a wounded dog who just lost a fight, was doused with water then electrocuted. Other methods such as hanging, shooting, and drowning. Just sick.
Vick is supposed to be the face of Nike Football, and the fan favorite in the NFL. What is he now? Innocent of guilty, he is just sick now.
As a fan of Vick and the Atlanta Falcons myself,
I really hope he had nothing to do with it because putting on a red Michael Vick jersey would be a shame.
To be continued...

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