Monday, July 30, 2007

Just a few things on my mind

Hey! It has been a while. I have a few thoughts in my head and I plan for you to read it. Starting with, Barry Bonds.

  • I am one of those guys watching televised games of San Fransisco Giants games. It is very interesting waiting for this guy to beat the greatest record in baseball. I can see him doing it in Los Angeles, and I hope Dodger fans see it. Wouldn't that be a big slice of ice cream cake for Barry Bonds? If he does it there, (and I believe he has the motivation to do it there) he will be happy and retire at the end of the year.
  • Who has it worst? Selig with steroids and Bonds? Stern with the ironically numbered 21 gambling referee? Or Goodell's issue with Vick? I think Stern has the most troubles. Selig can't do anything about steroids. Goodell just has to suspend Vick. Stern has to trace back all of the games in the past couple years that #21 officiated, and many teams should be upset.
  • KG is supposed to be traded within the next 48 hours to the Boston Celtics according to reports by Delonte West, Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, and possibly an expiring contract from Theo Ratliff. If I was KG, I would do it. Think about it. You have the chance to play with Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. The Celtics would be at the top of the weak Eastern Conference with the Pistons, Bulls, Cavaliers, and possibly Miami Heat. KG, if the Lakers are not going to get you, go to Boston.
  • Is anybody watching The Kill Point? It is a new crime drama on Spike TV with Donnie Wahlberg and John Leguizamo. It is a story in which former US soldiers are forced to start a hostage situation in a bank after a failed robbery. Please I beg you all to watch. Try to catch up with the first two episodes somehow. Read the show schedule. The third episode premieres this Sunday at 9 on Spike. Look for previous episodes (encore presentations).
  • Smush
    Parker signed with Miami. Miami said his size, scoring, and defense will help the team. They said his defense. Wow. The Heat are in for a surprise.
  • D-Fish is back with the Lakers, and everyone should be happy. With dumped Smush, and got a great veteran and friend. Go Lakers.

To be continued...

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