Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mixed Emotions for Vick

Michael Vick has a twisted road ahead.
(Photo made my Romy Dinsay)

With Michael Vick's guilty plea, there is a sense of disappointment in me. As a fan of Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons, I feel that he has been a role model for many. As I hear his statements from his press conference, I realize how great stars can fall as fast as anything out there in the world.

It is hard to see that a man well respected for his game on the football field my many is somewhat "erased" from websites, online stores, and company websites.

This is where I feel sorry for the man. Vick will be forever perceived as a killer, a sick person, and a loser. Look through the NFL online store, Nike.com, atlantafalcons.com (jersey), and so much more that had his name, is no longer there.

So what next for Michael Vick? Jail is the next step, but hopefully he comes out a changed man. Will his life ever be the same? Will he return to the field? What will be the public opinion on him?

Michael Vick, good luck on your future. Let's hope you find your way.

To be continued...

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