Saturday, August 4, 2007

Got a Hold on Hank

Well, nothing much to say, Bonds hit his 755th home run, tying Hank Aaron for the most all time. In the second inning, on a 2-1 count, Clay Hemsley threw the pitch and Bonds hit it.
Embracing his son at home plate, and showing love to his family, the sounds of cheers and boos were recognized from the field. The game is not over, but I wish he does not hit 756 there.
I wish Bonds hits 756 in San Fransisco. I hope he plays no more road games, so history is made at home. After he does, I hope he retires the day of the home run. Let all the Bonds haters feel an itch inside their body that they can't scratch. They would not be able to do a darn thing about it.
That would be sweet. Barry, hit it soon. It will all be over.
Oh and by the way, congrats to my man A-Rod. 500 baby.
Anymore milestones today? Good. I am going to watch some Law And Order.
To be continued...

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