Friday, June 15, 2007

Tony Parker - Finals MVP and Eva Longoria.

To hell with Chuck Norris - right now, Tony Parker is the best a man can get.

Some random thoughts...

  • All, right, it's time to talk legacies.

    I've written before that I believe Tim Duncan is the best all-around big man to ever play the game, and we all agree that he's the best power forward ever. Now, after last night's series clinching win over the Cavaliers, a four-oh sweep and a fourth ring for the Postmaster General, Duncan has, in my humble estimation, cemented himself as the greatest forward in NBA history, period. It's been in the works all postseason and culminated last night. Larry Bird is Larry Bird, a legend, historically clutch, one of the all-time greats. And he definitely played in a tougher era. But the facts are that Duncan now has one more ring, is a vastly superior defender than Bird was (he's made seven all defensive first-teams and two second teams, while Bird only made three second teams) and has won his titles with an inferior supporting cast. Duncan's teammates, as a whole, have always been very good but never great. You'd take Tiny Archibald, Cedric Maxwell, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, and Bill Walton over David Robinson, Sean Elliot, Avery Johnson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Robert Horry, and Michael Finley any day of the week. Overall, you have to give Timmy the edge.

    Also, he's firmly established himself as the greatest player of the post-MJ era. Shaq was more dominant at his peak, but Duncan was always more complete and he's more accomplished.

    And while Kobe is the best individual player in the game today, Duncan is indisputably the most valuable, as well as the one you'd most like to build your team around. He's won titles with two entirely differently supporting casts - there's no one on the last two title teams who was also on the '99 team. Except, of course, Tim himself. Call him The Big Constant.

    As far as Popovich goes...he's one of the best ever. Four titles now, .676 career winning percentage. His resume speaks for itself. Put him in the same sentence as Auerbach, Jackson, and Riles. He belongs.

    Also, this has to make Big Shot Rob a lock for the Hall-of-Fame now, right? He's got the most rings of anyone who never played with Bill Russell. If K.C. Jones is a HOFer for playing D and winning a bunch of rings, then Bob has to be in for the HUGE shots, all-around team play, and winning seven - SEVEN! - titles in the modern era. He has to be.

  • Everybody talks about the lack of respect the Spurs get, but I, for one, can appreciate the way the Spurs play (efficient offense and stifling defense) and what they've done over the last ten years. They're one of the two best franchises in sports, along with the Patriots. Obviously, Duncan is the most important factor, but it all stars with management. Pop and R.C. Buford know exactly what they're doing. They found one All-Star from a foreign country at the end of the first round (Parker, France, 28th pick, 2001) and another at the end of the second (Ginobili, Argentina, 57th pick, the last selection in the draft). They've shied away from making any big moves, instead staying committed to the personnel they had and thus negating any chance of disrupting their excellent team chemistry. They could've panicked this year, at the trade deadline, when it appeared that Dallas and Phoenix had passed them by. Instead, they trusted that their system and role-defined roster, their trademarks over the years, would outlast the others and prevail in the end. And it did.

  • LeBron will be back to the Finals. Several times. With a different outcome from this year.

  • Finally, so long to Robert William Barker, an American television icon. The last The Price is Right with Bob as the host aired today, the primetime showing ending about 30 minutes ago. I think they should retire the show along with Bob, he's the only person who should be able to host it. Sure, it's possible that they could find a replacement who's excellent in his own right (like Jay Leno on the Tonight Show), but I doubt it. One thing's for sure, though: between the ending of The Sopranos and Bob retiring, this has been a sad week in television. If you'd excuse me, I have to go cry now.

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