Monday, September 3, 2007

Team USA in the Olympics

Team USA has the bond they didn't have before. Time for 2008.
(Photo made by Romy Dinsay)

A Recap:

The Roster:

G- Jason Kidd
G- Kobe Bryant
F- Carmelo Anthony
F- LeBron James
C- Amare Stoudemire

G- Michael Redd
G- Deron Williams
G- Chauncey Billups
G- Mike Miller
F- Tayshaun Prince
C- Tyson Chandler
C- Dwight Howard


Aug. 22
USA- 112 Venezuela- 69
Aug. 23
USA- 123 Virgin Islands - 59
August 25
USA- 113 Canada- 63

Second Round

August 26
USA- 113 Brazil- 76
August 27
USA- 127 Mexico- 100
August 28
USA- 117 Puerto Rico- 78
August 29
USA- 118 Uraguay- 79
August 30
USA- 91 Argentina- 76


September 1
USA- 135 Puerto Rico- 91
September 2
USA- 118 Argentina- 81

Final Standings

USA 10-0 Gold Medal
Argentina 8-2 Silver Medal
Puerto Rico 5-5 Bronze Medal

With an Olympic Berth next year, here are things Team USA has to remember:

Team USA dominated the tournament. Don't get it in your head. The 2003 team did the same thing (10-0 in the tournament), and ended up with a Bronze Medal in the 04 Olympics. Keep working hard.

Do not lose that chemistry. The reason why they worked so well is because they were able to communicate and know where everyone was. Whether it was on the fast break, or switching and shifting on defense. Their unity was key.

Defense wins games. Relying on offense alone will not suffice.

Represent the country. That should be motivation enough.

FIBA Championship Gold sounds okay. Olympic Gold sounds better.

To be continued...


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