Sunday, September 16, 2007

Argument #1

Who are the real Patriots?

After the recent cheating scandal, I have come to a conclusion...

The Patriots are not a good team. They do not deserve those victories.

How do we know they were not cheating during their "dynasty years"? I never liked them from the start, and now I know why. So Anthony, I just can never pick them to win it all, ever. There is just something about them that makes me think that they are all that. Well their not.

Their genius coach is arrogant and apparently a cheater. The Patriots should lose more than draft picks. they should lose wins as well. Now many have said that this isn't a big dead. So I assume cheating is not a big deal anymore.

Do not get me wrong, the Patriots have tremendous talent, but now their true talent is now in question. The NFL should request for a league official to follow the Patriots staff every move. This is a big deal because of their three rings. If they did not have those rings, no one would care, but they are a championship team... that cheats.

No amount of stats can change my mind that the Patriots are cheaters and deserve no credit for what they are doing. I can't wait to hear about their new method today versus the Chargers after the game.

To be continued...

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pcsolotto said...

To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?