Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Change Could Be Bryant

As Kobe Bryant said this, I wondered about the suprise loss in the NBA finals against the Detroit Pistons. Isn't just so ironic that Shaquille O'Neal uttered almost the exact same thing? With this call for change from O'Neal, changes did take place. He left. He left the team that was called a dynasty. With him moving to Miami, Bryant got a chance to show the world that he could be the man of the team. It was his turn now.

As we see the result of the Kobe Bryant era, we see reasons for change.

Kobe Bryant is now in his prime, and it will fade soon enough. The team appears stuck now as Lamar Odom recovers from shoulder surgery, and Kwame Brown will now be dealing with a possible reconstructive ankle surgery.

Now what is next? Mitch Kupchak needs to do something now. For his job. This is Kobe's team, and his need for change should cause a lineup facelift. The Kevin Garnett trade seems gone now with Odom and Brown already losing value.

So is Kobe Bryant our package player? No news of a trade is out, but this could be the only hope for a lineup change. Look for a point guard to be added, but nothing much else.

Los Angeles is a city of championships. If any trades are out there with Odom and Brown down, Kobe might have to be down for an exit from Los Angeles.

To be continued...

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