Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Let Him Free

All the Hollywood madness is back again. Kobe just announced today his desire to be traded. He lost his trust. It is no longer the condition of the roster. It is trust. You don't mess around with a man's trust. Especially one of Kobe Bryant.

This is Hollywood. There is more.

Then Dan Patrick got Kobe to lighten up a bit when he brought up Jerry West. Kobe backed away from trade talks. This is hard typing. We are talking about a frustrated World-Class Athlete, who wants to win. La ciudad is not giving it to him. As Shaq said, I believe Kobe 100%. The revelation of an already planned Shaq trade, a false promise of immediate team improvement, and a false promise of a championship.

This is where it hurts. Because of the lies, we have this terrible Lakers squad. I realize now that it was not ego that ripped our dynasty apart. It was the lies and false promises. It amazes me how the little things really bring about big consequences. I never... EVER... want Kobe Bryant to be in the same situation as a Kevin Garnett or Allen Iverson. He is about to be. He is reaching his 12th year in what seems like a career with not a single championship ring. Did you feel that vibe as this Kobe-era progressed?

Kobe; for once in the eyes of all criticizers and Kobe-haters, is not the selfish one here. Kobe Bryant is not selfish for wanting to be traded from an organization full of lies and no order.

This better not be the fault of Kobe Bryant. It is because of this Hollywood world where everything has to become public. Trusted insiders turned their backs. Hey, newsflash. This man who "ran-out-Shaq" probably is the only reason this organization still exists.

If and when Kobe is traded, there should be no hard feelings. Personally we all owe our sports lives to this man. Right now, Kobe isn't this selfish baby many see him as.

I planned on showing our fans some trade possibilities for Kobe, but I decided to rant instead. This is wrong of us to treat Kobe negatively in his time of sadness. Let us all lighten up on him. Let's show him support. A Laker by the start of the season or not, we owe it to him.

To be continued...

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