Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kobe Bryant Will Be Better Than Michael Jordan

Bryant is in his old world. We are just the unworthy spectators.

Look. I am tired of trying to compare Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. So is Bryant. I do not think Jordan cares.

The problem I have is when those with the newly discovered Jordanclingitis* (as of today) Symptoms include: hallucinations, lack of interest in the present light, and partial vision impairment.

Here is my question. What is wrong with saying that Kobe Bryant can be better than Michael Jordan? The redundant statement of "no one will ever be like Mike" is ridiculous. That is why the world is hopefully progressive. We move on. We appreciate the past, as the future builds from it.

Something a lot of people realize is the Kobe Bryant will be better than Michael Jordan. Bryant has the all around ability to score at will. His ball-handling abilities are great, as well as his ability to facilitate an offense, being a distributor. These qualities put him on top of the NBA, and I am pretty sure the world.

On-the-court is what we need to focus on. Off-the-court actions make people actual living human beings, with flaws. Bryant has had his share of incidents that has led to a loss of endorsements and public scrutiny. As well as Jordan who dealt with a gambling issue here and there. Why no scrutiny for him? It is because many did not want to taint his image. They did not want their "hero" to be tarnished. Nobody had a problem watch Bryant as he began to crumble in the public eye. Nobody wants to accept him.

What happens off-the-court does not matter. We remember Jordan for his game winner against the Utah Jazz, not gambling problems. We do not remember Bryant for Colorado, but for scoring 81 points. If people open their eyes and accept Bryant for what matters (basketball), then more will be open to his greatness.

As Bryant destroy each team in his sights, there is no doubt in my mind that Bryant will exceed Jordan's abilities. Bryant, (as I said before), has the talent to put him above the gods of basketball. We are not talking about Jordan's 6 championships, scoring titles, all team defense selections, etc. We are talking about Bryant being better than Jordan as a pure basketball player; not as a trophy collector. Some of the greatest players do not have rings or barely any at all (Chamberlain, Malone, Stockton, Baylor, etc), but they are still regarded as the games best.

At this moment in time, Bryant is not better than Jordan. However, get ready; he might be already tapping the shoulder of Michael Jordan.

*Treatment includes watching game film of Kobe Bryant in this 2008 playoff season

To be continued...


Jason said...

Kobe Is/Could Better Than Jordan argument. Time of death, approximately 8:30 p.m., PST June 12 2008.

Anonymous said...

Kobe NBA Finals Stats vs Michael Jordan NBA Finals stats last update!

1999-2000 vs Indiana Pacers
Kobe 15ppg 4rpg 4apg 36.6%FG

2000-2001 vs Philadelphia

Kobe 24ppg 7rpg 5apg 41.5%FG

2001-2002 vs New Jersey Nets

Kobe 26ppg 5rpg 5apg 51%FG

2004 NBA Finals

22.6ppg 2.8rpg 4.4apg 38%FG

2008 NBA Finals vs Boston

25.7ppg 4.7rpg 5apg 40.5%FG

Michael Jordan's NBA Finals Stats jordan/


31.2ppg 6.6rpg 11.4apg 2.8spg 55%FG


32.3ppg 4.8rpg 6.5apg 52%FG


41ppg 8.5rpg 6.3apg 50%FG


27.3ppg 5.3rpg 4.2apg 41.5%FG


32.3ppg 7rpg 6apg 45%FG


33.5ppg 4rpg 2.3apg 42.7FG

bobnos said...

jordanclingitis? .. just like you bineg a Kobekockrider?

dude keep it unbaised and look at stats. and here it is: (yes kobe is a better shooter. but as a scorer and overall player he is GOAT.

Michael Jordan:
Career average is 30.1 ppg (the NBA Record)

Kobe Bryant:
Career average is 24.6 ppg (not even close)

MJ's 31.0 ppg or KB's 24.6 ppg....LMAO! MJ wins again!

Yo Kobe fans, how is Kobe better and he can't win at nothing!?.....LMAO! So far today I've compared this:

Highest Point Average In A Single Seaon:
MJ: 37.1 ppg
KJ: 35. 4 ppg
MJ wins!

Scoring Titles:
MJ: 10 in 13 seasons as a Bull (actually only in 11 full seasons)
KB: 2 in 11 seasons as a Laker
MJ wins!

Highest NBA Finals Single Series Point Average:
MJ: 41.0 ppg (1993 The NBA Record)
KB: 26. 8 ppg (2002)
MJ wins again!

Now career highs!
MJ's 30.1ppg or KB's 24.6 ppg
MJ wins again!

also would like to point out that as a human being he is truley inspiring and team motivator.. he made his team GREAT!!... where as kobe has been a whiner and looks to be in for himself at the start... took jackson a long time to get through his head.

i wont get on kobe back.. HE IS MY CURRENT FAV PLAYER TIED WITH LEBRON. but i hate when any both of them getting compared with jordan.

as for this article.. why is it absurd to say hes better or WILL BE - because his progress shows differently and THATS A assumption aiming really highly.. so your answer will be default until proven wrong..

SOOO: come back to me if anyone gets 6 rings tons of mvp finals and so forth and so on..

PS: again i know kobe is a better shooter lol.. that seems to be kobekockriders main excuse.

Anonymous said...

The only people on this arguement are Kobe lovers. Got to the most neutral vid of MJ at youtube and you see Kobe fans, out of the blue, saying Kobe's better.

Maybe he will be better though I doubt it.