Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yeah, you can call it a guarantee

The Spurs are not done yet.

I don't know a lot of things. I don't know if Tony Soprano is dead or alive. I don't know if Beyonce is pregnant or not. And I don't know how to solve a nonlinear equation by graphing.

But I do know one thing: The Spurs are going to beat the Hornets in Game 6.

Game 5 wasn't even over yet, and I had already made up my mind. The Hornets were putting the finishing touches on a 101-79 win, and TNT panned over to Tim Duncan, sitting stoically on the Spurs bench. You know what it means when Tim Duncan is behaving stoically, right?

That he's being Tim Duncan. Yeah.

But he shot only 5-18 from the floor Tuesday night, for a total of 10 points (although he did pull down 23 rebounds), and while he played well in Game 4, he has yet to have that signature Tim Duncan Playoff Game thus far against New Orleans.

Now the defending champions are facing elimination Thursday at the SBC Center. The last time the Spurs, as defending champeens, played a win-or-die postseason game at home, in Game 7 two years ago against Dallas, Duncan had 41 points and 15 rebounds (I know they lost, but still).

Do you get my drift? When you add 2+2, does it equal 4? Huge game for Duncan on Thursday.

San Antonio will feed him early and often in Game 6, and he will set the tone. Their seasoned crowd will be raucous and ready to explode at every made basket. Pops will incite his club to execute ruthlessly and efficiently and they will compete with unyeilding passion. Parker will wheel and deal into the lane and keep the defense on it's heels. Ginobili will attack relentlessly and finish spectacularly. Bowen will drain threes from the corners. Finley will hit a few from the top and we might even get a couple of Robert Horry Moments. The young, upstart Hornets will be overwhelmed and swallowed up by the moment, and then we will do it once more Monday in Louisiana, the final meeting (at least this year) in this stirring battle of old versus new.


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