Thursday, November 15, 2007

Nice knowing ya, Barry

Inside The NBA kicked off tonight with EJ, Kenny, and Charles kicking around the big sports story of the day, Barry Bonds being indicted for obstruction of justice and being a liar-liar-pants-on-fire in front of the grand jury. Here goes a synopsis and analysis of the actual charges against Bonds listed in the indictment. Barkley was ticked, not only because Bonds is a friend, but because of the way the whole thing has been handled: it's been a witch hunt from day one. Kenny made the very fitting comparison of Bonds to Al Capone, the famous Chicago mobster from the 1920's. And they're both right: Barry has definitely been singled out, and it's definitely unfair, but you can understand why: He's Barry Bonds. A lot of guys have used the juice, but none of them possessed the star power and stature of Bonds, a three-time MVP and Hall-of-Fame lock even before he made the decision to cheat for no good reason. Barry, you did this to yourself.

At halftime of the Mavs-Spurs game in Dallas (which Dallas dominated from start to finish in a 105-92 victory), Kevin Durant was in studio, and he was impressive. He's obviously shy, but he's also well-spoken and even got in a little jab at Barkley's weight when Chuck suggested that he wasn't eating enough. Not bad for an 18-year old in his first trip to the kitchen, he definitely handled himself well.

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