Friday, October 12, 2007

NBA Season Preview

This amazing organization and team will finally repeat.

The 2007-2008 Season begins tommorow!!

Athlon Sports does it like this. I might as well do it too.
(Estimating Win-Loss records are too dang frustrating)
* Means Playoff team

Eastern Conference

1. Boston * - Loaded, and they will show it.
2. Toronto * - Chris Bosh Chris Bosh Chris Bosh
3. New Jersey* - Banged up, but they got JKidd
4. New York - Well, look who coaches them.
5. Philadelphia - I heard they asked Julius Erving to come out of retirement.

1. Detroit * - Their roster remains full of depth, defense, and determination.
2. Chicago * - Up and rising, with a lot of playoff punch.
3. Cleveland * - Barely a playoff team in my eyes, LeBron will make them a playoff team.
4. Milwaukee- Michael Redd will shoot till his arms fall off.
5. Indiana - I heard they asked Marc Jackson and Reggie Miller to come out of retirement.

1. Miami * -Just because of the addition of Ricky Davis, they have a healthy scorer.
2. Washington *- Healthy and ready to go, the Triple Threat (Gil, Caron, and Jamison) are coming.
3. Orlando- D Howard and Rashard Lewis should help their chances at the playoffs.
4. Charlotte- Jason Richardson might hate this place. So much going for them though. With JRich, G Wall, and Emeka Okafor, they could be a major problem for teams.
5. Atlanta- Lots of young talent. I don't think they need Dominique Wilkins... just yet.

Western Conference

1. San Antonio * Wow they are old, but they get it done.
2. Houston * If healthy, Stevie Franchise, T-Mac, and Yao will blast off.
3. Dallas * Dirk.. just rebound a bit.. play D a bit.. and maybe you could get a ring.
4. New Orleans- Chris Paul will pass, and many will score. Too many good teams in the West though.
5. Memphis- I think they just need Pao Gasol to play well. Conley too. This team is too new to have anybody ever retire with this team.

1. Utah * - Deron Williams played with Team USA this summer. Enough said.
2. Denver * - If they outscore everybody enough, they just might make the playoffs!
3. Portland - Bill Walton on the line waiting.. Dang Greg Oden WHY!!!
4. Seattle - Kevin Durant will show how great he is. Among rookies.
5. Minnesota- Oh boy. Maybe they can give Kevin Mchale a jersey? Just. A thought.

1. Phoenix* Dominant in their division, not so much in the west playoff. *Hint (SAS and HOU)
2. L.A. Lakers * Kobe is on the team.
3. Golden State * Their agressive, physical run-and-gun style, along with Baron Davis, gives them that playoff spot.
4. Sacramento- They need help, but the got a lot of good players.
5. L.A. Clippers- They just need Elton Brand.

East Conference Finals- Boston over Detroit
West Conference Finals- San Antonio Over Houston

NBA Finals- San Antonio over Boston

Finals MVP- Manu Ginobili (SAS)
MVP- Kevin Garnett (BOS)
Rookie of the Year- Kevin Durant (SEA)
6th Man of the Year- Manu Ginobili (SAS)
Coach of the Year- Doc Rivers (BOS)
Most Improved - Andrea Bargnani (TOR)
Comeback Player- Kenyon Martin (DEN)
Executive of the Year- Danny Ainge (BOS)
Defensive Player- Bruce Bowen (SAS)

All NBA 1st Team

C- Yao Ming (HOU)
F- Kevin Garnett (BOS)
F- Lebron James (CLE)
G- Kobe Bryant (LAL)
G- Steve Nash (PHX)

All NBA 2nd Team

C- Tim Duncan (SAS)
F- Dwight Howard (ORL)
F- Tracy McGrady (HOU)
G- Ray Allen (BOS)
G- Gilbert Arenas (WAS)

Rookie Team

C- Al Horford (ATL)
F- Al Thornton (LAC)
F- Brandan Wright (GS)
G- Kevin Durant (SEA)
G- Mike Conley Jr. (MEM)

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